Food reigns was born out of my love for food, writing and travel. This is my platform to combine my passions, and share my opinions and experiences, from a perspective that is not always represented

I am fortunate enough to work within the wonderful hospitality industry, and I have done so for 15 years. My career has given me up close insight into what goes on behind the scenes within restaurants, and so I do have more of an in-depth understanding of the operation. That said, just like everyone else, I simply want to have great food filled experiences.

The love affair began in the early eighties, being raised to Jamaican parents, both food and music conjure memories and feelings of joy and love. Both of my parents worked full time throughout the week, and so Sundays was THE day. The day, that my dad would play reggae music from early in the morning, and my mom would without a doubt cook Rice and Peas, Curry Goat or Chicken, a salad, with Guinness Punch or Carrot Juice. This would usually be followed by one of my moms favourite desserts, black forest gateau or trifle (I now hate both desserts, having eaten them back to back on Sundays for years).
Combining the humble food experiences of my childhood with those of my career, having eaten within some of the best restaurants throughout the UK, has given me a well rounded appreciation for all types of food, within all types of environments, and so my blog is very much a reflection of this.

I am a self certified social butterfly and my love for travel and socialising, are almost always interlinked with food in some way, and I will be writing about my holidays, and social escapades too.

I hope you enjoy the content, and welcome any feedback or comments on all of the articles/reviews published , you can contact me at foodreigns@gmail.com. Enjoy

Lorraine x

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