Dirty Bones

Feb 19, 2019
Dirty Bones, Soho is one of five within the restaurant group, that originally entered the UK market in 2015, and is a self described New York eatery. There are framed pictures of nineties hip hop artists on the wall, and a illuminated Notorious Big rap quote, prime and centre at the back of the restaurant. Hip hop music also playing as a backdrop, I can only assume that the “New York” influence was both musical and the casual vibe. As a hip hop fan, I am always happy to see some of my favourites in framed pictures such as Busta Rhymes, OutKast and Ol’ Dirty Bastard, and this instantly brought a smile to my face, and put me in a place of optimism and openness of the food to follow.

Prior to entering the restaurant, I did have the slight reservation, I wondered is there any where else that American barbeque and comfort food can be taken that the Big Easy, Blues Kitchen or Bodean’s has not yet been?
I ordered the Beef Short Rib (priced at £18), and a side dish of Mac ‘n’ Cheese (£6.50). The Beef Rib was tender, which was as expected having been slow cooked for 12 hours, and it literally sat on top of the bone, as though the bone was there purely for decorative purposes. The usual smoky and sweet barbeque sauce flavour seemed to have been completely lost in the cook process, which left a bland beef rib.

The Mac ‘n’ Cheese was edible, but lacked seasoning and the usual punch of a cheese flavour, that you would usually get from this dish . It tasted more like a really creamy, seasoned pasta than a traditional American Mac’n’ Cheese.

For dessert I ordered the Stickiest Toffee Pudding (priced at £6), this was served accompanied with a cup of butter rum sauce, and crème fraiche. I dislike crème fraiche and so asked the waitress if I could replace it with ice cream. She was very insistent that it could not be switched out, and if it was, I would need to pay additional for the ice cream, and so I asked that she consult her superior to confirm this was definitely the case. The waitress then returned to my table, and did not confirm the outcome of the conversation with superior, and instead asked “what flavour of ice cream would you like?” with a blank expression. I questioned until she confirmed that there would be no additional charge, but the absence of basic courtesy in communication was disappointing. The dessert was actually very nice, and the savour of my experience, and unfortunately the only thing that I enjoyed, albeit painful to actually get what I asked for.

I appreciate that everyone gets a stab at the pie, when it comes to the many different types of cuisines that exist, I just personally believe that there are several other brands that are offering better value for money, service and more flavoursome food in a more comfortable environment.

This was a NO for me, and this was one of the few times that I have resented handing over my card to pay for food….











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