Dec 20, 2018

I had heard about Wing Stop long before it opened on Shaftsbury Avenue in October, Rick Ross (the rapper) has long talked and sung about the “lemon pepper chicken wings”, as he also owns Wing Stop franchises in the USA.

Friday lunch time, was super busy, with mostly men ages ranging from 20-50, most of which seemed to be taking part in a wing eating competition, as I hilariously saw dozens of stacks of bones on each table.

Wing Stop simply does what it says on the tin, a fried chicken concept with chicken wings, boneless wings and chicken tenders, tossed in 1 of 10 sauce flavours, along with an accompanying dip. The sauce flavours vary from the sweet and tangy, hickory smoked bbq, spicy korean, and at the top of the heat tree is atomic, which is the hottest sauce on this list (which I ordered obviously). The dips include ranch, blue cheese and honey mustard. Apart from chicken, the menu options are limited to, fries, slaw, and drinks.

Wings are served in varied portion sizes, and were far more filling than they looked. We ordered the lemon pepper boneless chicken wings (10 piece), parmesan chicken wings (10 piece), atomic chicken wings (10 piece), 1x large cheese fries, 1x small fries, and 1x sweet potato fries, this was far too much food for three people, and we ended up taking a doggy bag with us. Total meal (priced at £46.70), also included 3 freestyle drinks.

The service mechanic works very much like Shack Shack, you order and pay at the counter, and you are given a buzzer which vibrates when your meal is ready. The transaction itself was pleasant enough, but even with an efficient service style, two out of three portions of wings were lukewarm, and the fries were not particularly hot either.

Even though the food was not served as hot as I would have liked, the chicken was still enjoyable, partly due to the delicious sauces. The boneless wings were really succulent, and coated in a nice crispy coating. A nice addition to the London fast casual scene, I would say. What I know for sure, is that my brothers will love this!











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