Bob Bob Ricard

Nov 26, 2018

I was invited to Bob Bob Ricard for lunch by a colleague, and went along with slight apprehension, as the last time I visited I was not impressed . This time around, a complete u-turn and I am understanding enough to know that we can all have an off day.

What I noticed the first time around, and was more apparent on this visit was the attention to detail, everything in sight was well considered and bespoke. From the plate ware , uniforms, napkins, and flooring, everything is specially designed and made for this restaurant, complimenting a blue vintage blue leather upholstery, and the many private booths, giving the feeling of seclusion within a open plan restaurant.

A very beautiful interior will always result in high expectations for food and quality, because surely someone would not go to such effort to create such beauty, without serving great food within it right?

This was the type of lunch, where I was not able to eat again until late the following day, we ordered more than necessary in what ended up being a four course lunch, for absolutely no reason at all but greed on the day.

We started with the White Sturgeon Caviar, which is served as 20g portion (Priced at £28).

As a starter, I had what ended up being my second favourite part of lunch (after dessert), which was the Egg St. Petersburg, which was a beautiful and delicious soft boiled hens egg, scotched in mushroom duxelles, served with pickled forest mushrooms and mixed leaves (Priced at £8.50).
By this time, I was starting to feel a little full, and so opted for some fish as a main, and ordered the Sole with Lobster and Champagne Veloute, the sole was lightly steamed, and served on a bed of spinach (Priced at £26.50).

Whilst I admittedly was bursting at seams, I do not regret ordering what came next. There was theatre, being presented with a gold chocolate ball, which then melted when the chocolate sauce was poured over it. The BBR Signature Chocolate Glory, was made up of a chocolate jivara mousse, chocolate brownie, berries and passionfruit & orange jelly (Priced at £15.50). Definitely my favourite course for lunch, but then I do have a real sweet tooth.

I really enjoyed my lunch at Bob Bob Ricard, and I am glad that I returned, as I now better understand the reviews I had read prior to my first visit. This restaurant reminded me of the power of setting an expectation, and providing that a restaurant follows through with great food and service to compliment the environment, it can make the meal all the sweeter.











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