805 Restaurant

Oct 29, 2018

For the eight years I have lived in London, and I have been repeatedly recommended 805 Nigerian Restaurant as the best place to go to enjoy authentic Nigerian food. I personally have limited experience with Nigerian food, having eaten it only twice before, once at a wedding and the second at Ikoyi, which is Nigerian food with a European twist.  The food at 805 was delicious, and I only regret going for a quick lunch, and so will definitely return in the near future, to explore more of the menu.

I am a firm believer that food authenticity, is often reflected in the types of customers a restaurant attracts. The location Peckham, otherwise known as ‘Little Lagos’, and so the location being where there is a large Nigerian community, my guess is that this business could not have amassed the reputation it has, without doing something right on the door step of those who know, what ‘right’ looks and tastes like. Diners were mostly Nigerian varying from families, lone diners, couples and everything in between. The décor and purple lighting created an atmosphere of a family christening or celebration.

I went for a safe option and ordered for the Jollof Rice and the Chicken Stew (priced £13), this came accompanied with a side salad and some plantain. The chicken was slow cooked and tender, the tomato sauce seasoned and really flavoursome. The Jollof was and spicy, tomatoey and the tastiest Jollof that I have eaten.

The waitress was friendly, and helpful, though the service was a little slow, and it took somewhere between 45 minutes to an hour to be served our meals. That said, the speed of service would not deter me from returning to 805 Restaurant, because all of the positives massively outweighed the one negative. Great food, I will definitely be back.











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