Sept 08, 2018
I had never really thought about the fact that ‘all that glitters is not gold’ can apply to eating out, until today. Located on Albemarle Street in Mayfair, the location, décor, presentation and the food at Gazelle would suggest gold, but my view is that it was definitely just glitter.

Modern European cuisine served on small plates, we took guidance from the waiter on the number of dishes to order between two. We ordered ten dishes plus bread, and I left the restaurant peckish and disappointed. So much so that I refused to order dessert, through fear of being further disappointed, leaving the restaurant with £70 less in my pocket than when I entered. Fortunately I bagged a 30% discount off the bill due to the Code App, which is an amazing app which offers restaurant discounts for those of us who work within the hospitality industry. On the topic of price, the price of food only ever becomes an issue, when the service, and quality (I include tastiness within this) fall short, as lets face in dining in Mayfair rarely comes at a small price. I ended up going to another restaurant for dessert and drinks, which fortunately turned my evening around.

The number of covers on the 1st floor, I estimate to be no more than 30-40, the restaurant was at 50% capacity on a Wednesday night. It is for this reason it was to my surprise that the service fell flat. Several waiters asking the same questions, within seconds of one another (offering water, readiness to order, am I ok), throughout the evening, contributed to what felt like being harassed whilst being starved.

We ordered Cucumber, Coconut and Oscietra Caviar (priced at £14), Cherry Tomatoes, Summer Berries and Long Pepper (priced at £9), Squid, Sandlewood Cured Jowl, Girolles (priced at £9), Leek Hearts, Chicken Vinaigrette (priced at £8.50), Turbot and Sea Herbs (priced at £15.50 ), Monkfish, Burnt Seed & Pistachio Sauce (priced at £15), Mushroom, Pine Nut, Wild Garlic (priced at £9.50), Crispy pigtails with Jerusalem artichoke (priced at £15), Presa, Salted Carrot Puree (priced at £16), and lastly the Beef Juniper, Salted Plum (priced at £19).

To reiterate the restaurant interiors were beautiful, as was the food, but the only dish that stirred any strong emotion was the Beef, Juniper, Salted Plum, it was simple, and cooked to perfection. In summary the food at Gazelle was not bad, it just was not good, the quality of ingredients were top notch, though the dishes reminded me of what background music in a restaurant should be, and did not feel like the main event.











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