Scarlet Green

Aug 31, 2018

I love google, I love the ease of typing in the name of a restaurant and being inundated with opinions, reviews and pictures. When quickly glimpsing google, what you are not always able to tell is the profile of the users leaving the reviews ( I’m sure you could with some time spent), and so upon googling Scarlet Green Soho, I was met with reviews which all exceeded 4 out of 5. Being a relatively new opening, there were not hundreds of reviews, but there were enough for me to give it a try.

Upon approach to the restaurant, I loved the pop of pink on the signage and on the art displayed within the restaurant. The restaurant I can only describe as a causal and cool, brunch spot, where you could catch up with friends, whilst eating a fairly guilt free brunch or lunch.

Daisy green, the company owning Scarlett green describes itself as providing a “unique, uplifting Australian experience”. I couldn’t help but notice that 95% of the diners were between the ages of 20-30, and I felt like the old lady in the club…not that I cared, just an observation.

As someone who has a daily battle with staying fit through exercise, versus my love for good food, I was excited to explore the aussie way to brunch. In my bid to taste as much of the menu as I could, I ordered much as would fit on the table!

We ordered the Broccoli & corn fritters, avocado, poached eggs, chilli pesto (priced at £12.40), Spicy tuna tostadas (priced at £2.80 each), Halloumi fries, pomegranate dressing (priced at £7.80), Seabass ceviche, avocado, tigers milk, crunchy corn (priced at £9.80), and Famous chicken parmigiana (priced at £16).

A dessert was so not necessary ,but curiosity got the better of me, and I ordered the two most indulgent desserts that I could find on the menu. The chocolate vegan cake (priced at £6) and the Melbourne mars bar cheesecake ball (priced at £8.60)

Whist all of the dishes aesthetically looked pleasing, vibrant and colourful, they fell short on taste, and flat on flavour. I almost felt like this restaurant is designed for millennials, the food is presented picture perfect for social media, but I unfortunately did not enjoy a single dish. The Chicken Parmigiana was over cooked, to the point of the chicken being very dry, the fritters tasted of unseasoned vegetables, and the tuna tostadas were underwhelming, and overpriced, at £2.80 for one.

The service was also really poor, from a mistaken drinks order, to having no stock of another, the waiting staff were constantly needing to be prompted for something, including the bill.

All in all, I walked away from Scarlett Green feeling very underwhelmed, and wanting my money back!











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