Aug 9, 2018

Two things that I really love is small plates and Indian food. I have stumbled across a few restaurants that combine the two very well, but who knew this gem was literally on my door step in Brixton.

Chef Will Bowlby is the creative behind Kricket, which is essentially Indian small plates with a twist. I always have a really good feeling about food that looks and smells good, and I sat waiting for one of my friends (who do not understand the concept of time keeping) as I looked on, with food envy as plates of food arrived to the neighbouring tables. The food looked fresh, colourful and tantalising. I was excited!

With a simple food menu of ten dishes, plus two accompaniments, the menu size makes it quite easy to order the entire menu. I dined as a table of two, but any larger group, could have definitely ordered the lot. The waiter ( who I later read online to be the other co owner Rik Campbell) recommended that we take up to six dishes between two. We modestly opted for five plus an accompaniment the ‘Malabar Paratha’, which was plenty. What I was not prepared for is the amazing ride of culinary and creative delights that Kricket was to take me on.

Before the food, came cocktails, opting for the ‘Dark Matter’, this well balanced, and flavourful cocktail combined sweetness of mango, agave and spiced rum, with heat of pink peppercorn and green chilli (Priced at £8), I really could have done with a straw, given the size of the ice cubes, though it was simply to delicious to care. These are the types of cocktails that I adore, simple yet punchy.

Typical to the tapas service style, the dishes arrived at the table as and when they were ready, and the first to arrive was the ‘Goan Sausage Pao’, (Priced at £6) which is a spiced sausage served in a slider, along with ‘Bhel Puri’ (Priced at £5.50), which was what I would describe as an explosion of flavours made up of puffed rice, vegetables, mango, tamarind and yoghurt.
Both delicious dishes were packed with flavour, and were closely followed by the ‘Pig Head Vindaloo’ (Priced at £12), which did have me wondering precisely what part of the head, I was eating?! Next came the ‘Macher Johl’, which was a fillet of cod on a bed of curried fennel, and wild garlic (Priced at £10.50), the ‘Malabar Paratha’ (Priced at £2), which is an Indian flat bread, and last but not least, but the unusually placed ‘Keralan Fried Chicken’ (priced at £6).
After this meal, the five star reviews made sense. The only dish that I did not love was the fried chicken , and I am not sure if that was because it didn’t ‘fit’ with the other dishes, or simply because I have had better fried chicken in Southern Restaurants in the UK, and over the pond.

The service was causal, informal and friendly. The environment was loud ( as in the chatter really travelled across the room), and being under the arches on Atlantic road, meant that you can clearly hear the trains passing overhead. Value for money is always that balance of service, quality and cost, and Kricket felt like a real treat given that the spend per head excluding cocktails was actually only £23.

I finished the meal with the ‘Cocoloco’ cocktail, coconut rum based with cardamom, lime and mint, which was quite simply a perfect end to a near perfect meal.

I will definitely be coming back for more delights at Kricket.











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